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Finally Detached "Mushrooms & Medicinal Plant Medicine"
Indiana Ribbon Company - Special Bowccasions
American Cake Awards 2023 Highlight Reel
"Meet the Teacher" featuring Andrew Glen Weeks
TypeDuo Tech Device Kickstarter Campaign Commercial
Bible Parable Comedy Series Ep. 02  // Larry Lazarus v. Jesus Christ
"Eldorado" // A Film by Kevin James Bond & Andrew Glen Weeks
That Black Tarot Card
Big Smoke Meets WhiskeyFest 2023
Ambirtech Flexicam Commercial
Schaf Tools' Wood Carving Chisels Retro 80's/90's Style Infomercial
"Precious" // A Film by Kevin James Bond
The Original Tarot Card
DugOut Mugs 30 Second Teaser
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